The Effects of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder on Employment and Household Income

Joseph Biederman, MD; Stephen V. Faraone, PhD

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This survey compared income and employment in adults with ADHD and controls without ADHD and extrapolated the results to the change in national productivity. The estimated loss of workforce productivity in 2003 was $8900 to $15,400 per person with ADHD, implying a total US loss of productivity between $67 billion and $116 billion. Compared with control subjects, adults with ADHD were shown to attain lower levels of education and, regardless of level of educational achievement, to generally experience substantial declines in full-time employment and household income. Future research is warranted to evaluate the impact of early and accurate diagnosis of ADHD and prescription of appropriate interventions on educational milestones and enhancement of worker productivity.


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