"Natural" or Alternative Medications for Migraine Prevention

Randolph W. Evans, MD; Frederick R. Taylor, MD


Headache. 2006;46(6):1012-1018. 

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What CAM can be stated to be evidence-based? There currently is at best Grade B evidence for all the agents discussed except melatonin, for which there are no data whatsoever. Grade B represents limited evidence from a single randomized trial, or nonrandomized trials or multiple trials with inconsistent outcomes. I have restricted my discussion to RCTs or systematic reviews with individual standard evidence grade summary. Data are inadequate for meta-analysis. No firm consensus yet exists as to the relative treatment efficacy of these agents, but given the number of patients, data consistency, or lack thereof, I would tentatively suggest that the rank order may be: Petadolex ≥ Magnesium > Feverfew (no commercially available MIG-99 forms known to this author) > Riboflavin > CoenzymeQ10 >> Melatonin.

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