Highlights of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity 2005 Annual Scientific Meeting

October 15-19, 2005; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sachiko T. St. Jeor, PhD, RD; Raymond A. Plodkowski, MD


May 30, 2006

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The NAASO Annual Scientific Meetings provide the opportunity to update and expand new developments in the field of obesity research. Clinical topics guide and foster new treatment and prevention strategies as well as encourage improvement in practice and outcomes. Networking with leaders in the field and the spirit of interdisciplinary team collaborations are fostered. The complex phenomenon of energy homeostasis is yet to be understood, and strategies with new, more effective approaches for the treatment and prevention of obesity, as well as weight maintenance, are still critically needed. The next NAASO meeting is scheduled to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, October 20-24, 2006.


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