Highlights of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity 2005 Annual Scientific Meeting

October 15-19, 2005; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sachiko T. St. Jeor, PhD, RD; Raymond A. Plodkowski, MD


May 30, 2006

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The North American Association for the Study of Obesity 2005 Annual Scientific Meeting, which has changed its name to "NAASO, The Obesity Society," was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, October 15-19, 2005. Because NAASO is considered to be the "leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity," the leading scientists and practitioners in the field of obesity prioritize this meeting so that they can be part of the excitement of sharing new data and developing new directions in the field. The interdisciplinary focus of the meeting brings together new collaborations and new ideas. The major objective of the conference, as described in the program, was to update researchers and healthcare professionals on "advances in the prevention, treatment, causes, and health consequences of obesity and its comorbidities." Because meeting sessions were concurrent and many presentations were of great interest, readers are directed to the new NAASO Web site featuring their Learning Center for further detailed information.[1]


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