Tanacetum parthenium and Salix alba (Mig-RL) Combination in Migraine Prophylaxis

R. Shrivastava; J.C. Pechadre; G.W. John


Clin Drug Invest. 2006;26(5):287-296. 

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Notwithstanding the study's limitations, the objectives of this open-label, investigational trial were largely attained. The remarkable results obtained with Mig-RL® with respect to attack frequency, pain intensity and attack duration justify a randomised, placebo-controlled study in a larger population of migraineurs, including those with aura. Importantly, the over-the-counter availability of Mig-RL® may help improve the lives of the large numbers of headache sufferers, including the 50% of all migraineurs who have never been diagnosed or who are reluctant to consult their doctor.[3]


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