Eosinophilia in an Indian Farmer

Menka Doomra, MD; Seema Garg, MBBS; Naveen Kakkar, MD


Lab Med. 2006;37(5):280-282. 

In This Article

Clinical History


38-year-old Indian farmer.

Chief Complaint

None. The patient was asymptomatic; however, a routine complete blood count (CBC) was done as an immigration requirement.

Medical/Drug/Family History


Physical Exam Findings

The patient was well built with normal general physical and systemic examinations.

Principal Laboratory Findings

( Table 1 and Figure 1)

Patient's peripheral blood smear, illustrating the presence of the microfilarial organism, Wuchereria bancrofti (Leishman stain; 1,000 x magnification). Note the large, empty (ie, no nuclei present) space between where the nuclei in the body end (arrow) and the tip of the tail (arrowhead) of the organism.


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