Late Diagnosis of a Neglected Cervical Carcinoma in an Elderly Woman: A Case Report

Christos Iavazzo, MD; Dorothy Efthimiou, MD, Christos Valavanis, MD, PhD, Joanna Leontara, MD, Peter Zarganis, MD, George Vorgias, MD, PhD

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We report the case of an 88-year-old, Greek patient who was referred to our department with a bleeding mass that occupied her entire vagina. This exophytic tumor had extensive ulcerated areas and originated from the cervix. The biopsies taken from the mass confirmed it to be squamous cell carcinoma. Despite the giant size of the tumor, the parametria and middle and lower vagina were not infiltrated. Rather, the neglected mass created a severe septic condition that was progressing to disseminated intravascular coagulation DIC status. Because of the patient's advanced age and critical condition, we performed a "toilet" operation to remove the tumor mass. We subsequently administered radical radiation therapy with satisfactory results.


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