Primary Evaluation and Management of Statin Therapy Complications

Dean A. Seehusen, MD, MPH, FAAFP; Chad A. Asplund, MD; Dawn R. Johnson, DO; Kevin Horde, A. DO


South Med J. 2006;99(3):250-254. 

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Statin Therapy in Children

Treatment of hypercholesterolemia in children is becoming more common. It appears that statin therapy is both safe and effective for patients over the age of 10 with familial hypercholesterolemia.[61,62,63] A recent 2-year study of 214 children with familial hyperlipidemia found no significant differences in height, weight, endocrine function, or Tanner staging between children on pravastatin and those on placebo. Similarly, levels of AST, ALT, and CK showed no difference between the groups and no appreciable changes from baseline.[64]