Three-Dimensional Mapping in Interventional Electrophysiology: Techniques and Technology

Douglas L. Packer, M.D.


J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol. 2005;16(10):1110-1116. 

In This Article

Image-Guided Intervention

The next task will be for the development of clear capabilities for intervening within the context of these multiparameter images. Already, the Stereotaxis system is available for controlled positioning of a catheter as guided by an individual mapping system. The Hansen catheter manipulation system is being developed as well, as an alternative means of precise catheter manipulation within an established 3D geometric framework. Similar approaches using more traditional robotics systems will undoubtedly become commonplace. With fully integrated CT, ultrasound, and any other physiologic data set, it will be possible to plan an ablative session by marking the exact locations of the desired intervention on the surface anatomy. The system will then semiautomatically drive ablation or other intervention according to those preset locations.


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