In the Wake of Katrina: A Surgeon's First-Hand Report of the New Orleans Tragedy

Scott E. Delacroix, Jr., MD

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Friday 11:00 am

Pick up Nick and we went to EOC at Bluebonnett Street in Baton Rouge. Walked in and spoke with DD (a woman who had been at Causeway and I-10). She was coordinating supply deliveries and volunteers. Not much going on. We walked back into the central room. Large map hanging on the wall. Spoke with some men in uniforms. Still no real command and control. I told them of the 150 trapped in the Park Esplanade, but was told that there was no way of communicating with search and rescue teams in New Orleans. Again I asked, but no one knew of the status of the staff in Charity Hospital. Frustrating. Everything was still being done independently. With that, Nick and I decided to stop wasting time and get back to New Orleans and see what we could do. DD told us where some supplies were in the middle of the parking lot. Took an hour to load up the car with IV fluids, Pedialyte, wound supplies, and as much medications as we could fit. On the road to New Orleans 1:00 pm Friday.


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