So, What Do I Put on This Wound? The Wound Dressing Puzzle: Part III

Cynthia A. Worley


Dermatology Nursing. 2005;17(4):299-300. 

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Wound Fillers

Another catchall category, these dressings are pastes, powders, beads, gels, foams, pillows, strands, and other formulations of substances designed to fill cavities and manage wound drainage. They maintain a moist environment and may contain antimicrobials. It is important to read the manufacturer's package insert for appropriate use and application. They require a secondary dressing to hold the material in place and may be used on partial and full-thickness wounds.

Wound fillers can be used in conjunction with foams, hydrocolloids, and composites to increase absorption of wound drainage. Powders, gels, beads, etc. are usually easy to apply.

These dressings may be used in cavities where the clinician can be assured of ready and complete removal of the product; they cannot be used in sinus tracts or in tunneling. Application can be challenging and some of these dressings require reconstitution with saline or sterile water for application. They should not be used on dry wounds.

Bard Absorption Dressing® (Bard Medical Division), Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Wound Dressing (Derma Sciences, Inc.), Multidex® Gel or Powder (DeRoyal).

The categories and Healthcare Common Pro cedural Coding System (HCPCS) codes developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services serve to organize the multitude of wound care products into a manageable and informational system designed to assist the clinician in product selection. However, they do not address some of the newer products and systems developed in recent years.

We'll review some of these "new kids on the block" next time.


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