A Patient With a Low IgA Level Requiring Transfusion During CABG Surgery

Gifford Lum, MD; Paula Szuflad, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB; Michael D'Amarino, MT(ASCP)BB


Lab Med. 2005;36(6):353-356. 

In This Article


  1. What is this patient's most striking laboratory result?

  2. Why was there a concern about the possibility of an anaphylactic transfusion reaction in this patient?

  3. What methods are commonly used for measuring IgA concentration?

  4. What is the definition of IgA deficiency?

  5. What illnesses are most often associated with IgA deficiency?

  6. What is the prevalence of IgA deficiency in the blood donor population?

  7. What is the significance of the detection of anti-IgA antibodies in patients with IgA deficiency?

  8. What stimulates the production of anti-IgA antibodies?

  9. What is the frequency of anaphylactic transfusion reactions and associated mortality in IgA-deficient patients?

  10. How should patients with IgA deficiency and/or a previous history of anaphylactic transfusion reaction be managed?


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