1st International Congress on "Prediabetes" and the Metabolic Syndrome

April 13-16, 2005; Berlin, Germany

Pesach Segal, MD; Paul Z. Zimmet, MD


July 07, 2005

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The 1st International Congress on "Prediabetes" and the Metabolic Syndrome brought together for the first time scientists and clinicians -- mainly from the fields of diabetes and cardiovascular disease -- and industry representatives in this specialist field. Almost 2500 delegates from 85 countries attended the meeting, and 450 abstracts were presented orally or as posters.

The enormous impact of the metabolic syndrome on public health, and the exciting progress made in the field, led the organizers to initiate and convene this meeting. The Congress was dedicated to recent advances, and served as a much-needed platform for the presentation and evaluation of concepts in etiology, screening, and intervention. Sessions covered topics, such as the definition of "prediabetes" and the metabolic syndrome, the association between the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease (CVD), and potential treatments -- both nonpharmacologic options -- such as lifestyle changes, and new drug therapies.


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