Quality of Life and Antihypertensive Drug Therapy

Joel Handler, MD

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Calcium Channel Blockers

Edema is the main side effect of this group of agents. It differs between the agents. About 5% of patients on nondihydropyridine CCBs, such as verapamil and diltiazem, will experience CCB-related edema compared with 10%-25% receiving a dihydropyridine CCB.[40] If edema occurs with one of these agents and is annoying, lower the dosage since it is a dose-related side effect, or switch to a different CCB or antihypertensive agent. Additionally, using an ACE inhibitor together with a CCB may lessen CCB-related edema via ACE-related efferent arteriolar vaso-and venodilatation, which counterbalances the afferent arteriolar CCB vasodilatation effect, thereby lowering "hypertension" across the capillary circuit.[41] It is important to realize that because of the physiology, diuretic therapy does not ameliorate CCB edema because it is not a state of fluid overload. CCBs are, themselves, natriuretic agents.[41]