Respiratory Failure in a 22-Month-Old Boy

Author: Sabrina Ali, MDSeries Editors: Rosa A Vidal, MD, and Sheryl Falkos, MD


May 04, 2005


A 22-month-old white boy with no past significant medical history was transported to our tertiary care pediatric facility in respiratory failure. The patient was in the waiting room of a dentist's office and was noted to be cyanotic. A call was made to Emergency Medical Services, and the child required intubation during transport. His parents stated that the patient had "cold symptoms" for 1 week prior to admission, but denied associated fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. There was no reported history of previous trauma or ingestion.

The patient was born full term. There is no history of previous hospitalizations or surgeries. Immunizations were not up-to-date. Development had been appropriate for age. The family denied recent travel or sick contacts. Medications present in the home were Tylenol, Motrin , and Klonapin .