Ambient Air Pollution and Pregnancy Outcomes: A Review of the Literature

Radim J. Srám; Blanka Binková; Jan Dejmek; Martin Bobak


Environ Health Perspect. 2005;113(4):378-382. 

In This Article

Materials and Methods

We searched all publications included in the electronic databases PubMed (from 1966; National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD, USA) and the Science Citation Index and Social Science Citation Index of the Institute of Scientific Information, available on the Web of Knowledge (from 1981; Thompson Scientific, Philadelphia, PA, USA). We searched for combinations of either of the key words "air pollution" or "pollution" with any of the following: "infant mortality," "postneonatal mortality," "post-neonatal mortality," "birth weight," "birthweight," "intrauterine growth retardation," "IUGR," "premature birth," "prematurity," "fetal growth," and "foetal growth." We also searched the reference lists of identified papers for additional publications. We excluded abstracts of conference presentations because they did not contain sufficient information (but relevant conference abstracts that were subsequently published as full papers were included).


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