Diagnostic Dilemmas: Well Differentiated Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Verrucous Clinical Presentation

Bahar Dasgeb, MD; Samer Ghosn, MD; Tania Phillips, MD


Wounds. 2005;17(3):67-72. 

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Physical Examination

Physical examination revealed a healthy looking White female who was alert and oriented. There was a 5mm x 8mm verrucous lesion on the right lower quadrant of her abdomen (Figure 1). The surrounding skin was erythematous and indurated. The overlying hyperkeratotic crust was removed to reveal a 5mm x 8mm ulcer with an inflamed and indurated margin. Rheumatoid arthritis-related joint deformities were present. The remainder of the general skin examination was otherwise unremarkable.

A well defined ulcerative lesion was revealed after removal of the overlying verrucous crust. Inflammation is present on the borders.


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