Substance Abuse: Medical and Slang Terminology

Humera Hamid, BA; Rif S. El-Mallakh, MD; Keith Vandeveir, CADC


South Med J. 2005;98(3):350-362. 

In This Article

Cocaine Free Base

Slang terms

Base, crack, free-base, french fries (three-inch sticks), readyrock, rock

Active ingredient

Cocaine base


Natural (prepared from cocaine hydrochloride)

Pharmacological Classification

Local or topical anesthesia

Medical use

Topical anesthetic ointments

Abuse form

White crystal, slivers resembling soap shavings

Usage method

Smoked (inhaled vapors)


With heroin, "dynamite" "speedball" or "whiz-bang"; with morphine, also "whiz-bang

Effects sought

Intensified cocaine effects

Adverse effects

Weight loss, depression, hypertension, hallucinations, psychosis, chronic cough, heart attack, stroke, seizure

Detectable in urine



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