Substance Abuse: Medical and Slang Terminology

Humera Hamid, BA; Rif S. El-Mallakh, MD; Keith Vandeveir, CADC


South Med J. 2005;98(3):350-362. 

In This Article


Slang terms

Blow, "C", charlie, coke, devil's dandruff, pearl flake, peruvian marching powder, rock, snow, stardust, toot

Active ingredient

Cocaine hydrochloride


Natural (from coca leaves)

Pharmacological classification

Local or topical anesthesia

Medical use

Local or topical anesthesia, nose bleeds

Abuse Form

Powder (white) or liquid

Usage Method

Snorted; taken orally; injected; applied to mucous membranes of mouth, vagina, rectum (powder)


With heroin, "dynamite," "speed ball," or "whiz-bang"; with morphine, also "whiz-bang"; dissolved in liquid

Effects Sought

Stimulation, excitation, euphoria

Adverse Effects

Loss of appetite, depression, paranoia, psychosis, convulsions, nasal passage injury, heart attack, stroke, seizure

Detectable in urine



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