Substance Abuse: Medical and Slang Terminology

Humera Hamid, BA; Rif S. El-Mallakh, MD; Keith Vandeveir, CADC


South Med J. 2005;98(3):350-362. 

In This Article

Marijuana (Cannabis)

Slang terms

Acapulco gold, ace, bhang, cannabis stiva, Colombian, concentrated resin— hash, dope, ganja, grass, weed, hashish, hashish oil, hemp, home-grown, honey oil, Indian, indica, Jamaican, jive, joint, mary jane, maui-wowie, Mexican, Panama red, Panama gold, pot, ragweed, reefer, roach, sativa, sinse, sinsemilla, tea, thaisticks, weed oil

Active ingredient

Tetrhydrocannabinolis (THC)


Natural (from cannabis sativa)

Pharmacological classification

CNS depressant, hallucinogen

Medical use

Anti-emetic in cancer, chemotherapy, glaucoma, epilepsy, muscle spasm due to multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury

Abuse form

Plant particles (dark green or brown dry leaf), resin oil, leaf oil

Usage method

Smoked (a joint, bong, or pipe); may be cooked in foods and eaten


With PCP, "supergrass" or "killer weed"; with opium, "O J"; with heroin, "atomb bomb" or "A-bomb"

Effects sought

Euphoria, relaxation, increased perception

Adverse effects

Bronchitis, conjunctivitis, possible birth defects, reduces drive and motivation

Detectable in urine



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