Acupuncture: A Clinical Review

Victor S. Sierpina, MD; Moshe A. Frenkel, MD


South Med J. 2005;98(3):330-337. 

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The ancient method of acupuncture has gained significant popularity in our era, particularly among non-Asian populations. Because of its long history of use, safety, and reports of efficacy, more patients select acupuncture as part of their therapeutic plan. Although thorough clinical trials of the reported benefits of acupuncture as well as understanding of its mechanism of action lag behind its widespread use, physicians ought to become familiar with its potential applications for their patients. Some physicians may wish to expand the scope of his or her practice by taking additional training to administer acupuncture. However, even if one does not add this training, knowing how to refer to credible, well-trained acupuncturists and for what indications is increasingly important in the evolving model of integrative medicine, combining the best of both scientific medicine and traditional systems of care.