Periodontitis and CVD: What Is the Link?

W. Steven Pray; Joshua J. Pray


US Pharmacist. 2005;30(2):16-22. 

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Does Periodontitis Cause Coronary Heart Disease?

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is responsible for 20% of deaths across the world; in developed countries, it causes 50% of deaths.[9] Several studies have examined the relationship between periodontal disease and CHD, a subcategory of CVD. In one, investigators explained that CHD is thought to be associated with elevated levels of systemic inflammatory factors (CRP, leukocytes, fibrinogen, homocysteine), and hemostatic factors (von Willebrand's factor, fibrin D-dimer, prothrombinic fragment F1.2, plasminogen activator inhibitor type I, and serum antibodies against oxidized LDL [anti-Ox-LDL]).[10] They subsequently determined that poor oral health raised levels of leukocyte count, von Willebrand's factor, anti-Ox-LDL, and plasminogen activator inhibitor type I, thereby inferring that poor oral health raised the risk for CHD. In another study, investigators determined that periodontal disease is associated with prevalent CHD but only when patients also had tooth loss.[3] In a meta-analysis of the relationship between periodontal diseases and CHD, investigators discovered that periodontal disease increases the risk of both CHD and cerebrovascular diseases.[2]


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