Valacyclovir for the Management of Herpes Viral Infections

A. Chakrabarty, MD; N. J. Anderson, MD; R. Beutner, MD, PhD; S. K. Tyring, MD, PhD, MBA


Skin Therapy Letter. 2005;10(1):1-4. 

In This Article


The role of valacyclovir in the management of herpes viral infections has been illustrated and is being explored for new clinical scenarios. Valacyclovir provides a unique mechanism of enhancing the oral bioavailability of the parent compound, acyclovir, while maintaining the same safety level profile. The simpler dosing schedule allows patients more convenient dosing regimens with less interruption of their activities of daily living. Current trials of valacyclovir for herpes infections among the immunocompromised as well as new dosing regimens for previously established therapeutic indications are ongoing and will serve to enhance our knowledge of the various clinical indications of valacyclovir.


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