Management of Urinary Incontinence Following Radical Prostatectomy

Brian McGlynn; Naels Al-Saffar; Helen Begg; Murat Gurun; Graham Hollins; Suzanne McPhee; Robert Meddings; Robert Meddings; Mary Tindall


Urol Nurs. 2004;24(6) 

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Study Limitations

An obvious limitation of this study is the small number of patients which limits generalization of the results. It is also accepted that the questionnaires used were basic and lacking in real depth, which can reduce the rigor of the study design, and may lessen the reliability and validity of the findings. It may also have been beneficial to contact the men earlier, and possibly at regular intervals, to ascertain their progress and establish when they reached their optimum level of control. Nonetheless, we believe the results of this study adequately show the positive results of this change of practice, and a larger and more detailed study is planned.