New Products for Patients With Diabetes

W. Steven Pray, PhD, DPh; Joshua J. Pray, PharmD candidate


US Pharmacist. 2004;29(1) 

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Innovative Insulin Dosers

Two innovative insulin dosers give unique advantages in administering insulin. The Novolin Innolet is a prefilled, disposable insulin-dosing device that is available with either Novolin N or Novolin 70/30.[12] To use it, the patient must remove the cover and attach a NovoFine PenFill needle. (A needle compartment in the device stores a needle for future use.) The patient should suspend the insulin by turning the Innolet up and down, allowing a glass ball in the cartridge to move from one end to the other, mixing the insulin. The device is primed by dialing a 2-unit dose, holding it with the needle upwards and tapping it gently. The push button is pressed in completely. A drop of insulin should appear at the tip of the needle. If it does not, the priming procedure should be repeated as many as six times. (If no insulin appears after six priming steps, the Innolet should not be used.) The patient next dials a dose of up to 50 units in 1-unit increments on the large, easy-to-read dial that resembles a simple kitchen timer. Audible clicks allow the user to hear the dosage adjustments as the dial is rotated. Once the dosage is dialed and the insulin suspended uniformly, the patient inserts the needle into the injection site and depresses a large button on the top of the Innolet, delivering the desired dose. The needle is left in the skin for at least six seconds. Each needle is discarded after its single use, and the cover is replaced on the Innolet.

The Innovo is another unique insulin-dosing device.[13] It is a reusable insulin doser that accepts Novolin PenFill 3-mL human or analog insulin cartridges. The patient dials the dose from 1 to 70 units in 1-unit increments. A display provides the number of units in the last injection and the number of hours since it was given. The device accepts NovoFine needles. Insulin mixing and priming are similar to the Innolet.