Indoor Air Quality: Part 1 - What It Is

Ann Pike-Paris


Pediatr Nurs. 2004;30(5) 

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Case Studies

Bill A., a 14-year-old high school student, participated in science lab dissecting animal eyes. The class wore gloves and protective goggles while working. It was observed that the students were not performing this lesson under a ventilation hood, rather at lab stations with some classroom windows open. Bill felt symptomatic during most of class and was sent to the nurse's office.

Eight-year-old Sarah P. was seen in the school nurse's office over a period of months suffering from chronic headaches, stuffiness, dizziness, and falls. Her frequent visits prompted the nurse to contact the child's mother, Mrs. P. Further investigation and discussions with Mrs. P. revealed the other three family members living in the household were experiencing cold and allergy symptoms, headaches, dizziness, sinus pain and fatigue. Onset was in late September. (Sattler, Afzal, Condon, Belka, & McKee, 2001).


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