Increasing Orgasm and Decreasing Dyspareunia by a Manual Physical Therapy Technique

Lawrence J. Wurn, LMT; Belinda F. Wurn, PT; C. Richard King, MD; Amanda S. Roscow, MPT; Eugenia S. Scharf, PhD; Jonathan J. Shuster, PhD

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For purposes of evaluating the effectiveness of site-specific, manual soft-tissue therapy in increasing orgasm and reducing dyspareunia in women with a history indicating probable abdominopelvic adhesions, the primary positive clinical outcomes were defined as improvements on the post-test vs pretest scores on (1) the FSFI full scale, orgasm domain, and pain domain; and (2) the 3 supplemental 10-point scales of sexual pain (worst-best-average).

Although the FSFI was designed to assess the relative degree of dysfunction within each domain, there is a substantial and unavoidable overlap among the diagnostic categories.[4] Thus, secondary positive clinical outcomes were defined as improvements on the post-test vs pretest scores in the other 4 domains of the FSFI (desire, arousal, lubrication, and satisfaction).

In terms of the primary outcome measures, there was a statistically significant improvement on the FSFI full score (P < .001), pain domain (P < .001), and orgasm domain (P < .001) (see Table 1 ). Indeed, 21 of the 23 patients showed improvement on the FSFI full score. There was also a significant improvement on all 3 pain scales: worst pain (P < .001), best pain (P = .002), and average pain (P < .001) (see Table 2 ).

In terms of the secondary outcome measures, statistically significant differences in post-test/pretest scores were found on the other 4 FSFI domains: desire (P < .001); arousal (P = .0033); lubrication (P < .001), and satisfaction (P < .001) (see Table 1 ).

[Note: The footnotes to the tables provide the "improved/worsened/tied" data for the 6 FSFI domains and 3 pain scales.]


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