Hyperpigmentation: An Overview of the Common Afflictions

Kimberly A. Cayce; Amy J. McMichael; Steven R. Feldman


Dermatology Nursing. 2004;16(5) 

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A multitude of hyperpigmentation disorders exist. These skin conditions, which include melasma, lentigines, and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, are common and may be distressing and emotionally debilitating to patients. The many therapeutic options available make it necessary to give well-organized, low-risk treatment regimens to patients. Sunscreen use and minimizing ultraviolet exposure are of the utmost importance in all cases. Special encouragement to use sunscreens for dark-complexioned patients may be necessary since these patients are at low sunburn risk and may not routinely use sunscreens. Successful treatment includes effective patient education (see Table 6 ) along with topical creams, peels, cryosurgery, and/or lasers when appropriate.

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