Diagnosis in Dysmorphology: Clues From the Skin

S.F. Smithson; R.M. Winter


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2004;151(5) 

In This Article


Although this review cannot be comprehensive, it illustrates that many skin disorders are genetically determined and emphasizes the considerable overlap between the specialities of clinical genetics and dermatology. Close links between them can facilitate our understanding of dysmorphology, diagnosis, discovery of new dysmorphic syndromes and the underlying genetic mechanisms that cause them.

Tribute by the Editor

Robin Winter died in January 2004. He was internationally known as an outstanding clinical geneticist, and was widely held to be the best clinical dysmorphologist in the world. He recognized the usefulness of dermatological signs in diagnosing syndromes, and the importance of accurate description. We are honoured to publish this review, written jointly with Sarah Smithson during his final months.

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