Sports Injuries in Children

W. Steven Pray, PhD, DPh; Joshua J. Pray, PharmD candidate


US Pharmacist. 2004;29(10) 

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Common Sports Injuries

As many as 61% of sports injuries are soft tissue injuries.[5] The most common types of sports injuries are strains and sprains, comprising 31% to 34% of all injuries.[3,14] Contusions comprise 30% of injuries, and fractures comprise 25%.

The type of injury varies by gender; for women, the most common injuries are sprains (44% vs. only 36% of injuries in males) and contusions (37% of female injuries vs. 33% in males). For males, the most frequent types of injury are fractures (31% of male injuries vs. 22% of female injuries).

Traumatic injuries are only a part of the spectrum of sports injuries in children. Another problem is the overuse injury, typified by the upper extremity injury caused by baseball.[1,15] Repeated throwing contributes to several overuse problems such as little leaguer's shoulder, little leaguer's elbow, and osteochondritis dissecans of the elbow.