Prophylactic Effectiveness of Tobramycin-Dexamethasone Eye Drops Compared with Tobramycin/Vehicle Eye Drops in Controlling Post-Surgical Inflammation in Cataract Patients

Ricardo Notivol; Dina Amin; Anna Whitling; David Wells; Margaret Kennedy; Paul C. Cockrum; The International TobraDex Study Group


Clin Drug Invest. 2004;24(9) 

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TobraDex®, when administered the day before and continued for 21 days after surgery, was superior to Tobrex®/vehicle in controlling post-cataract surgical inflammation. TobraDex® was also superior to Tobrex®/vehicle in controlling post-surgical ocular pain, and when administered four times daily was safe and well tolerated in patients treated for the prevention of post-surgical inflammation after cataract surgery.

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