What Is the Best Strategy for Converting from Twice-Daily Divalproex to a Once-Daily Divalproex ER Regimen?

Ronald C. Reed; Sandeep Dutta


Clin Drug Invest. 2004;24(9) 

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Our computer simulations suggest that conventional divalproex administered q12h should be directly and immediately converted (no greater than a 12-hour gap) to 8-20% higher divalproex ER once-daily doses in adults as recommended in the divalproex ER product label. Waiting 24 hours to convert from divalproex to divalproex ER after the last dose of q12h divalproex results in too large a drop in VPA concentrations and is not recommended. For daily divalproex ER administration, there is no apparent advantage in converting divalproex to divalproex ER in small steps; no tapering of divalproex with concurrent divalproex ER upward dose titration is needed.

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