Diuretic-Related Side Effects: Development and Treatment

Domenic A. Sica, MD

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Twelve clinical studies, three cohort (1,226,229 patients with 802 cases of renal cell carcinoma) and nine case-controlled studies (4185 cases of renal cell carcinoma and 6010 controls), have evaluated the association between the use of diuretics and renal cell carcinoma. In all case-controlled studies, the odds were greater for patients being treated with diuretics to develop renal cell carcinoma (average odds ratio of 1.55). The risk of renal cell carcinoma appeared to be related not to the average daily diuretic dose, but rather to the duration of the diuretic treatment. Unlike the association between diuretics and renal cell carcinoma, no association has been found between diuretic therapy and breast cancer. The issue of renal cell carcinoma occurring with diuretic therapy at the current time remains one incompletely resolved.[80,81,82]