American Healthcare Is the Best in the World If. . .

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How many times in the past 20 years have you heard some American politician proclaim, "the American healthcare system is the best in the world." Too many, I fear. But let's face it. People tend to speak most fervently from their own personal experiences. Maybe those politicians, medical or otherwise, actually believed what they said. One could make the case that "the American healthcare system is the best in the world if:

  1. You have full, comprehensive, in-depth health insurance coverage with low deductibles and copayments, and no exclusions for pre-existing conditions;

  2. You live in a major metropolitan area;

  3. You have a long-term relationship with a physician who serves your primary care needs, seeks specialist attention when needed, and finds the right specialist;

  4. You speak and understand good English and so does your doctor, and you are neither sight- nor hearing-impaired;

  5. You are well educated;

  6. You have money and transportation capability;

  7. You are white;

  8. You are naturally skeptical and questioning;

  9. You personally access the internet to help you take charge of your life; and, until recently

  10. You are male.

Well, maybe those characteristics describe many of those politicians and explain why they may actually feel the way they do. But, woe unto all those other folks. That's my opinion. I'm Doctor George Lundberg, Editor of MedGenMed.

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