Case #10 - Respiratory Failure in a 7-Month-Old Black Female

Authors: Sabina Ali, MD; Rosa A Vidal, MD; Sheryl Falkos, MDSeries Editors: Rosa A Vidal, MD; Sheryl Falkos, MD


June 23, 2004


A 7-month-old black female with a history significant for failure to thrive was transported to our facility from an outlying hospital with acute respiratory failure. Her parents stated that since discharge from a previous hospitalization at 4 months of age, the infant has had multiple episodes of coughing and wheezing. On the day prior to admission, her respiratory symptoms worsened and she was started on bronchodilators. On the day of admission, she had deteriorated further, presenting with severe sternal retractions, wheezing, and decreased oral intake and activity. On arrival to the emergency department, she was assessed as being in respiratory failure with altered mental status, and was immediately intubated.


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