Treating Female Infertility and Improving IVF Pregnancy Rates With a Manual Physical Therapy Technique*

Belinda F. Wurn, PT; Lawrence J. Wurn, LMT; C. Richard King, MD; Marvin A. Heuer, MD; Amanda S. Roscow, MPT; Eugenia S. Scharf, PhD; Jonathan J. Shuster, PhD

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The data trend across the pilot and present studies seems to support the hypothesis that this distinctive protocol of site-specific manual soft-tissue therapy facilitates fertility in women with a wide array of adhesion-related biomechanical dysfunctions. The major indication for its use is a history suggesting abdominopelvic adhesions (ie, prior surgery, infection, inflammation, or trauma at the reproductive organs or neighboring structures).

This innovative, noninvasive, nonsurgical, manual therapeutic technique confers little risk and few adverse side effects or complications, and appears to be an effective treatment for facilitating natural fertility and improving pregnancy rates/embryo transfer in women undergoing subsequent IVF. Thus, it can be prescribed as an alternative or complementary treatment to standard gynecologic care and should be considered as a new adjunct to existing medical infertility treatments.

Note: As this therapy was directed toward (female) mechanical infertility and would have no effect on male factor nor any anticipated effects on female medical/hormonal infertility (ie, diminished ovarian reserve, ovulatory dysfunction), the patients in this study were limited to those who reached the embryo transfer stage of the ART cycle. That is, they had progressed beyond the egg production, egg retrieval, and fertilization steps. Fresh, nondonor eggs/embryos were preferred not only by our patients but are used in approximately 75% of all ART cycles.[28]


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