Low-Dose Agrochemicals and Lawn-Care Pesticides Induce Developmental Toxicity in Murine Preimplantation Embryos

Anne R. Greenlee; Tammy M. Ellis; Richard L. Berg


Environ Health Perspect. 2004;112(6) 

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The mouse preimplantation embryo assay appeared sensitive and reliable for assessing early developmental injury due to agrochemical exposures at concentrations below which health effects are thought to occur. In vitro exposure of murine preimplantation embryos to the negative and positive injury control treatments provided reproducible comparisons for pesticide treatment effects on developmental outcomes (blastocyst development, embryo cell number, and percentage of apoptosis). Results of this study may assist with modeling risk of agrochemical exposures coinciding with events of early pregnancy. However, additional efforts are needed to validate the assay for purposes of human risk assessment and to determine the relevance of in vitro exposures to pregnancy outcomes.


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