Todd M. Emch, MD; Margaret A. Miller, MD


Appl Radiol. 2004;33(5) 

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Case Summary

A 47-year-old man underwent ultrasonography of the thyroid for a neck mass. He had undergone right thyroidectomy and isthmusectomy 10 years earlier for a progressively enlarging thyroid gland. Multiple biopsies from this procedure were negative for malignancy. Preoperatively, thyroid antibodies were negative and, despite levothyroxine sodium therapy (Synthroid, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL), thyromegaly progressed. The patient reported difficulty swallowing solid foods but no other compressive symptoms. Pathologic findings were consistent with Riedel's struma, displaying inflammatory fibrosclerosis with hyaline bands of coarse fibrosis. The left thyroid lobe was not explored. Following surgery, the patient noted an improvement in swallowing.