Toward Optimal Health: The Experts Discuss Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Jodi R. Godfrey, M.S., R.D.

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Why does hysterectomy remain such a common procedure?

Dr. Schrager: Hysterectomy is the ultimate cure for any abnormal bleeding. Although most women want to avoid surgery, hormonal treatment options can cause side effects that may make them difficult for some women to use. Hence, the choice of a hysterectomy will need to be a very personal one that necessitates the guidance of a clinician who knows the patient well and can appreciate the long-term considerations of any medical decision.

Dr. Bradley: The hysterectomy has stayed a common treatment because it definitely alleviates the problem, yet it is not necessarily the best option, as it has the highest surgical morbidity and prevents any future possibility for childbearing. Each patient must be evaluated individually to determine which option is most suitable. Currently, hysterectomy rarely is the only option for abnormal bleeding and ought to be recommended as the procedure of last resort.


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