Case #9 -- Infant With Intestines Outside of Abdominal Wall

Authors: Aurel S Mironescu, MD, PhD; Andrew B Walker, MS, MDSeries Editor: Benjamin E Estrada, MD


April 02, 2004


A 27-year-old P001 with mild polyhydramnios delivered a full-term female infant following a brief labor. There was no maternal history of drug or alcohol abuse. The infant was found to have multiple loops of intestine outside the abdominal wall. She was otherwise healthy and normally developed.

Vital signs: Rectal temp 97° F, pulse 160, respiratory rate 40-60; patient appears pink and vigorous on room air. Birth weight 2700 grams.

The large and small bowels outside the abdominal cavity were moderately edematous and appeared cyanotic. In addition, the bladder and uterus were distended and protruding through the same small opening to the right of the normal umbilical cord.


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