Misappropriated Human Milk: Fantasy, Fear, and Fact Regarding Infectious Risk

Barbara B. Warner, MD, FABFM; Amy Sapsford, RD, CSP, LD


NAINR. 2004;4(1) 

In This Article

Plan of Care

To facilitate the response to a human milk misappropriation, a packet of material containing both educational material as well as the plan of care and associated paperwork is compiled and available within the NICU. This packet includes the following:

  • Fact sheet regarding infectious risks written in nonmedical terms (copies for each family, as well as staff)

  • Plan of Care including Management for Hepatitis B and HIV (see charts below)

  • Hospital Incident Report

  • Donor Mother Packet: Fact Sheet and Informed Consent

  • Recipient Mother Packet: Fact Sheet and Informed Consent

  • Laboratory Requisitions

  • Request for Test Results

A primary goal of this Plan of Care is to provide education to the families as well as staff. Lack of information and not knowing what to tell the parents is a significant part of what makes these incidents so difficult to deal with. The educational materials included in the Plan of Care are meant to be easily available at the time an incident occurs. Complementing these materials should be ongoing educational programs for the staff regarding the benefits of human milk use, routine handling of human milk, as well as the information discussed in this manuscript. Information can be incorporated into educational services provided to families either at the bedside or more formal group settings.


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