Gastrointestinal Complications of Obesity Surgery

John E. Pandolfino, MD; Brintha Krishnamoorthy, BS; Thomas J. Lee, MD

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Obesity is one of the most striking public health problems in the United States today. Despite increased public awareness and aggressive education, the prevalence of obesity continues to increase. Because early data support the concept that bariatric surgery and its consequent weight loss can significantly relieve the comorbidities of obesity, surgery has become an essential part of our treatment armamentarium for morbid obesity, notwithstanding the potential problems that accompany it. The associated adverse events and true complications often necessitate a gastroenterology consultation, requiring the endoscopist to be well versed in the care of post-bariatric-surgery patients. For the gastroenterologist, successful management of these patients involves communication with the bariatric surgeon, knowledge of postoperative anatomy, an understanding of the potential complications, and implementation of appropriate treatment.


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