Sarcoidosis: An Update for the Primary Care Physician

Oluranti A. Aladesanmi, MD, MPH

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Quality-of-Life Measurement

Recently, a new disease-specific quality-of-life instrument, the Sarcoidosis Health Questionnaire (SHQ) for the measurement of the health-related quality of life of sarcoidosis patients, was developed, tested, and validated.[22]

Even though this is still a research tool, there are trends in using such tools during routine clinical care. It is completed in 10 minutes, and it has been proposed that using the SHQ may improve communication between clinicians and patients by facilitating discussion about depression, which may not always be adequately addressed in routine clinical visits, or fatigue and musculoskeletal pain, which are not easily measured in similar encounters. It could also allow clinicians to focus more on patients' individual perceptions of their illness rather than just the clinical measures of the disease.

The instrument has 29 items in 3 domains: daily, physical, and emotional functioning. It was found to be sensitive to differences in health-related quality of life based on the number of involved organ systems.


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