Applying Hypnosis in Dermatology

Philip D. Shenefelt


Dermatology Nursing. 2003;15(6) 

In This Article

Hypnotherapy for Specific Dermatologic Conditions

Many older reports of the effectiveness of hypnosis on specific dermatologic conditions are based on one or a few uncontrolled cases. They are included below, although the validity of those findings await further confirmation. The word "may" is used to note recommendations that are based on skimpy evidence. This should be kept in mind when evaluating the information and recommendations presented below. Recently, the trend toward controlled trials has produced more reliable information. Unfortunately, randomized controlled trial results are still not available for most of the disease categories (see Table 2 ). The list of dermatologic conditions below is not all inclusive, but it does include common dermatologic conditions for which hypnosis is reasonably helpful in reducing symptoms or improving aspects of the condition.


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