Shiny Pink Plaque on the Temple

Stanford Lamberg, MD


May 03, 2004


This patient was treated by wide surgical excision with frozen section control, and without adjuvant radiation therapy. The healed site is shown in Figure 3, 7 years after surgery. Radiation therapy, as a single agent, is not effective, but it is often used as an adjuvant to surgical excision. Local and distant recurrences are common, particularly of the lungs, liver, lymph nodes, and skin. Chemotherapy was regarded as ineffective until recently: A 1999 study suggests paclitaxel (Taxol) as a single agent has significant activity.[3]

(Courtesy of Dr. Lamberg)

This patient has had no signs of local or distant metastases. However, he did experience an episode of ulceration in the center of the graft (Figure 4) 6 years after the surgery. While the ulceration appeared likely to be a local recurrence, it proved to be a local infection that healed with topical care.

(Courtesy of Dr. Lamberg)


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