Shiny Pink Plaque on the Temple

Stanford Lamberg, MD


May 03, 2004

Case Presentation

A 65-year-old white man.

The patient came to the office in October 1995 because of a thickened, shiny pink area on the right temple that had developed in the previous months. The patient recalled no injury to the area.

The plaque on the right temple was about 4 cm in diameter, painless, pink, and shiny, with ill-defined borders and an irregular nodularity (Figure 1). Lymph nodes were not palpable.

(Courtesy of Dr. Lamberg)

A skin biopsy and a chest x-ray were obtained. The chest x-ray was normal. Before reviewing skin biopsy results, please consider the differential diagnosis.

What is your diagnosis?

  1. Benign tumor

  2. Malignant tumor

  3. Inflammatory lesion, such as insect-bite granuloma

  4. Traumatic lesion

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