Taft and Pickwick: Sleep Apnea in the White House

John G. Sotos, MD

CHEST. 2003;124(3) 

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Taft's Professional Life

Taft was born in 1857. Before becoming president in 1909, he had been an attorney, a judge, Solicitor General of the United States, civil governor of the Philippine Islands and, under President Theodore Roosevelt, Secretary of War. Taft won the 1908 Presidential election easily, but had a stormy administration and was soundly defeated for re-election in 1912. On leaving office, he became Professor of Law at Yale. In 1921, President Warren Harding fulfilled Taft's lifelong dream and appointed him to the Supreme Court as Chief Justice. Taft spent 9 happy and productive years on the bench, resigning his position just 5 weeks before dying in 1930.


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