Diabetic Mastopathy

J. Andrew Keyoung, MD, Rebecca A. Zuurbier, MD, Theodore N. Tsangaris, MD, Norio Azumi, MD, Erini Makariou, MD


Appl Radiol. 2003;32(9) 

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Diabetic mastopathy

Diagnostic mammography revealed a heterogenous dense (75% to 80% fibroglandular tissue) breast parenchyma pattern in the left breast without suspicious microcalcifications, masses, or architectural distortions (Figure 1). The directed ultrasound examination at the site of the palpable lump revealed a hypoechoic abnormality with fingerlike projections and intense posterior acoustic shadowing. The lesion measured 4 × 2 × 2 cm. (Figure 2).

Histologic evaluation revealed a dense stromal fibrosis and some periductal lymphocytic infiltration without any evidence of atypia or malignancy comparable with diabetic mastopathy (Figure 3).


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