Right Paratracheal Air Cyst/Tracheal Diverticulum

Stephen Waite, MD, Ashu Sharma, MD, Stephen Machnicki, MD


Appl Radiol. 2003;32(8) 

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The patient is a 78-year-old man who reports no significant medical history. He reports no history of smoking and denies taking any oral medications. He complains of episodic dyspnea, for which no clear etiology has been established. He also reports multiple episodes of diffuse dermatitis, for which he has been consulting a dermatologist. A digital chest X-ray scout tomogram was taken (Figure 1). A computed tomography (CT) scan of the chest was performed for evaluation of a possible neoplastic etiology for his dermatologic symptoms (Figure 2).

Right paratracheal air cyst/tracheal diverticulum

A digital CXR revealed a 2 * 1 cm ovoid lucency in the right paratracheal region at the level of the thoracic inlet (Figure 1).

The CT scan of the chest showed a 2 * 2 cm tubular air-filled structure on the right side of the thoracic inlet, posterior and lateral to the trachea (Figure 2A and B). No calcification was noted within this lesion and there was no evidence of wall thickening. No connection was noted between the lesion and the trachea on axial images. Coronal reformations demonstrate a 4-mm wide connection between the trachea and this air collection in a plane not readily visualized on axial images (Figure 3). The lungs were clear with no gross evidence of parenchymal destruction, infiltrate, or effusions.