Wound Bed Preparation: The Science Behind the Removal of Barriers to Healing

Stuart Enoch, MBBS, MRCSEd, MRCS (Eng), Keith Harding, MB ChB, MRCGP, FRCS


Wounds. 2003;15(7) 

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Wound Bed Preparation and Management of Exudate

Controlling exudate levels is an important aspect of the management of chronic wounds. The concept of wound bed preparation recognizes this but also highlights the fact that chronic wound exudate is interlinked with other barriers to healing, such as necrotic burden and microbial imbalance. Debriding and cleaning the wound is the first step in managing excessive exudate, but long-term management requires the use of modern dressing materials. These are available in a range of absorptive capacities to suit the volume of exudate produced by the wound. If excess exudate results from local edema, compression therapy may be the treatment of choice. Effective management of chronic wound fluid is an essential element of wound bed preparation and will also help to address the issues of cellular dysfunction and biochemical imbalance.[18,33,34,36]